Eat Right For Your Body.

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grub: noun – food, sustenance

grub: verb – to dig; break up the surface of


Life is busy, stress is the new black, miracle diets abound, and all you want is to feel good in your own &@*$! body.

So how can you cut out the static of the latest nutrition crazes, the caffeine shakes, sugar cravings, constipation, diarrhea, restless nights, bloating, exhaustion, and the not-so-quiet voice that tells you there’s not enough time or money to be healthy?

Good grub.

There’s no magic pill or perfect diet, but there IS a way to eat right for your body, and that’s what I help you discover in 2 Simple Steps:



Step 1, the noun:

Eat real food without chemicals, dyes & added sugars; food that is full of nutrients and deliciousness.

Your body will tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

Step 2, the verb:

Dig deep and listen to your body; it will guide you.  You are your own best authority about what is happening inside of you.

Not all “healthy” food is good for your individual self, and only you will be able to tell which are your nourishing foods.

How?  By noticing your body’s language, for instance:
*when & how you experience hunger
*the state of your skin
*when the bloating hits
*when sleep is hard
*the days you want to kill everyone around you
*the days you want to hug everyone around you

New definition – grub: a thriving practice of facts, knowledge, support, love and awesome recipes.

Here’s how you can change your life with some good grub:

Ryanna Slider HeadshotHealth Coaching for the support you need as you dig into what is holding you back from becoming your most vibrant self.




kefir_doneHigh quality products like living water kefir (e-books and memberships coming soon!)




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Delicious and simple recipes on the blog, and non-stop ideas and inspiration on social media: FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.




Here’s the biggest secret: changing your food choices and habits is hard, but it is not the hardest thing you’ve ever done… by far. Think, giving birth, losing a loved one, leaving a job, moving to another country, putting yourself through school, divorce, combat, you get the picture.

Here’s the second-biggest secret: healthy food is delicious, simple, and less expensive than cheap crap.

You are awesome, strong and capable. I’m here to remind you of how far you’ve come & how far I know you can go.

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I really loved all of the encouragement and positive reinforcement I received working with Grub. I didn’t feel like I was messing up or failing, as in other eating programs I have tried. This was a great experience, I want to keep it up. As a cancer survivor, I feel more hopeful and in control of my body. I broke my bad wine habit too! – Amy



What you can expect:

My philosophy is pretty simple, you can eat right for your body, but only you can determine what that is.

You won’t find any diet dogma or talk of deprivation here.

Some of us have experienced complete life changes by adding or omitting an ingredient or “food group”, and it makes sense that this kind of amazing experience makes us zealous. But imposing our experiences and beliefs on others creates an environment of judgment and defensiveness, and when we’re defensive we can’t be open to healing.

Being loving and open is one way we can support each other to become our best selves. And turning that love to yourself is critical for changing!

In this space, I invite you to be open to trying new things and thinking in new ways. When you do, you may find that your body will change, those stuck habits will come unstuck, and you will become more aligned with the health and the life you always envisioned you could have.

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