At GRUB we have a simple vision: a community inspired and excited to choose real foods.

We offer back-to-basics advice with a modern-day approach, so you are empowered to shop, cook and enjoy nourishing foods that truly heal. We don’t advocate for one way of eating, we simply focus on real foods.

Who we are…

Ryanna Battiste


I have been obsessed with food and flavor from the time I was a tot. Homemade, fresh from the market, hot off the stove, ripped from a package or served by a waiter. It all brought me joy. Inspired by my Italian heritage, I spent summer 2007 at the Apicius Cooking School in Florence Italy and filled my belly and soul with the soft sweet perfection of fresh pasta and Italian cheeses. That summer truly solidified my eating and cooking style. Less than a year later, when my son was born with extreme food intolerances that left me having to cut out gluten and dairy (among many other things) it was like the floor fell out from under me. Slowly, and quite painfully at times, I learned how to shop, cook, and thrive without the ingredients that were formerly so critical in my kitchen. In the process, the health maladies that had followed me like a dark shadow my entire life began to disappear. I was floored. How could I not have known that FOOD was what caused me so much discomfort and angst all of these years?! Why was this not common knowledge? I felt angry and motivated. And I finally understood my purpose. I constantly devour information to learn more about foods that heal and have shifted my lifestyle for the best in order to prioritize real foods on a tight budget and schedule. I have found that my body is happiest when I eat grain-free,  traditionally prepared vegetables and meats. But there is no “one size fits all” with food. We each have a unique body with completely different cues. I’m extremely passionate about providing anyone who is struggling with their health more information, support and inspiration so they may make informed and delicious food choices. I believe that choosing real food never means you have to sacrifice flavor, decadence, and fun in your cooking and eating!

>> I offer private consults via skype/phone and in person at GRUB.

Making changes can be very intimidating, let me help you find your way to feeling vibrant and whole again!



Liz Flint-Somerville 


I don’t remember thinking about food until the spring semester of my freshman year in college when, on a whim, I decided to stop eating meat.  Omitting meat from my diet meant a lot of cheese and tomato sandwiches plus whatever else was available that I could pull the meat off of.  I didn’t even know what protein was. When we moved to Chicago in 2001, things started to change.  A co-worker loaned me a vegan cookbook, and I started educating myself about food and nutrition and the impact our food choices have on the environment. I learned what protein was, and where I could get it.  My husband and I began cooking with simple recipes like scrambled tofu and stir-frys.  I ate kale for the first time. Eventually, we discovered that cooking together is awesome, and we learned how to grocery shop, use spices, and make complicated vegetarian feasts.  I was in massage therapy school and had started practicing yoga and meditation, and felt, for the first time, that I was truly inhabiting my body.  Since then I’ve lived in Europe and experienced how enriching the weekly market is, lived in the Pacific Northwest and studied herbal medicine, and made my first, tentative forays into canning and fermenting food.  I’ve realized that healthy living is a path, one that I’ll be on for the rest of my life, constantly learning new things about my body and what contributes to its best functioning. Working as a massage therapist and studying herbs has opened my eyes to the incredible diversity of lives and bodies around me.  Everyone’s path to healing and wellness is different, but we can all benefit from basic tools, love and support. I believe that eating real foods is a big part of the exciting, frustrating, and ever-changing path to conscious living. For me, foods from local farms, yoga, non-toxic cleaning products, sharing a laugh, reading a great book and making delicious food for the people I love are all leaves on the same tree of optimal living.  I am excited to be part of GRUB, a place where we can help each other experience vibrant, healthy lives, supporting each other, one step at a time, on our paths to wellness.


Lisa Dozier

Weight Loss Challenge Teacher


Growing up food was not something I thought a lot about. I ate what was put in front of me and loved, loved, loved any kind of dessert, especially chocolate. In middle school I started noticing that I was “bigger” then my cute little friends. All of a sudden I was constantly comparing my body to everyone else’s. Can you say body image issues? When I was in college, I realized that if I did not change my eating habits and start exercising on a consistent basis my body would never change. This is where my love for nutrition and healthy food developed. As I matured and learned more about nutrition, real foods, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, I realized body image issues were the least of my problems. Finding something I loved to do and being passionate about my work, changed my world and my body. Eating real food, exercising, finding a career I love, having a loving husband and awesome kids has led me to sharing my passion with all of you. I now know that my body is where it is meant to be, and real foods are key to living a healthy life. We all have the power to cure our “inner demons.”  We are in control of our bodies and life. Becoming a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition has allowed me to work with clients who want to lead a healthier life.  Our society says life is too busy and change is too difficult. I disagree. Grub is a perfect place to start educating our community on how easy it is to eat real foods, and how finding the right balance and pace of life will allow you to achieve your passion. I am so excited to offer my health coach practice through Grub. I want to help each of you overcome those voices that say, “you can’t,” or “you are not,” and help teach you how real foods can and do change not only your body, but your life as well.


Nick Battiste

Tech Support, Moral Support

nick grocery

Once upon a time, I was a chubby little kid who loved Jello Pudding Pops, Reece’s Cups and Carnation Breakfast Squares (Don’t ask. They were mysteriously pulled from grocery shelves ages ago. I’m amazed that I don’t glow in the dark). There was never a shortage of treats in my house and I delighted in them daily. Those treats became comfort, a way of soothing myself during tumultuous times or a reward for being good. This was suburban New Jersey circa 1979, and all was right with the world. As I am entering my 40th year on this wonderful planet, I’ve had the pleasure of going on this food adventure with my lovely wife and as much as I didn’t want to, have had to take a close look at my own health. I’ve been getting an education on exactly what Yellow No. 5, Sodium Benzoate and Nitrates are and I am horrified that it’s legal to put this crap in my body. I was absolutely addicted to sugar in all forms my entire life, and breaking that habit has been empowering although still a daily challenge. I am now paying close attention to labels and ingredients and I am so much more aware when I eat, noticing what foods work for me and which completely deplete me. And guess what? I am enjoying cooking! It’s amazing what happens when there’s more to food preparation than tearing open a box and heating the contents. It’s a creative process, and I like that. I’m genuinely excited to be a part of this food revolution.  It’s very contagious!  You will likely be hearing from me as I continue my own journey with food and how it plays into my health. I plan to live to see my grandchildren grow and enjoy an active and full life, and I now know my food choices have more to do with that than I ever thought.