Let me be your post diagnosis trail-guide, cheerleader & health advocate.
One-on-one visits with me {in person or long distance} help connect you to your inner awesome! Change your life by changing your habits.


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Ryanna Battiste is the founder and owner of Grub. A lifelong cook who also suffered from a host of undiagnosed maladies, Ryanna took her first step toward the world of food education in 2007 while studying at Apicius Culinary Institute in Florence, Italy. After realizing that certain foods were triggering her health struggles and coming up short on resources and support, she founded Grub in 2012, originally  a brick-and-mortar establishment in Wilmington NC. It has since developed into a successful online business with a national reach.


Ways to Work with Ryanna:

guidanceIntegrative Health Coaching

You’re ready for change, you’re ready to feel well, but are struggling to make habits stick, get focused and grounded, or find the confidence to feel good about your choices. Meet regularly with Ryanna for inspirational sessions to help you establish your ideal health vision, set goals, assess barriers, and take concrete steps towards achieving your optimal health.


Dawn roundWorking with Ryanna has made a huge impact on my life! I had been through it all, every weight loss product and meeting out there. None of it stuck, and I was not well. During the time I worked with Ryanna, my skin, hair, and mood all improved, and my constipation went away. Grub helped me realize that it’s not a diet, it’s a perspective shift. I am now eating whole and natural foods that are completely healing my body, mind, and spirit! – Dawn D.

katrin roundRyanna’s support has been essential on my journey. Her coaching helped me to recognize that I was not taking care of myself in the way that supported my goals. Even if I came back to her after a rough week where I did not accomplish my action steps, there was no sense of disappointment or condescension from her, just support and positivism. She coached me through the “real food” menu planning process I was struggling to implement on my own, and I haven’t turned back since.  My digestion has improved, my skin and hair are looking better, I’m not starving throughout the day and lacking in energy, and, believe it or not, I’m even saving money!  – Katrin R.



guidanceHealth Advocate

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You may not be getting the answers you want from practitioners, and you are driving yourself crazy self-diagnosing and starting a new eating regimen every week. Meet for a minimum of 3 sessions, spaced as you see fit, and partner with Ryanna as your navigate your way through uncovering answers, tuning into your body, and finding your personal path to healing.


hillary roundRyanna has helped me change my eating habits and lifestyle choices to battle a chronic auto-immune health condition and it is WORKING! She helped me synthesize the overwhelming amount of nutrition information out there and together we crafted a workable and personalized program. I left my cardiologist office yesterday with no signs of acute pericarditis after only weeks of making changes. My doctor said that he’s never seen anything like this! I have to credit working with Ryanna for my new, healthy, lease on life. – Hillary




Empowerment Hour

You’ve got the understanding and resources, you just need help getting started. Wrap your mind around the food changes you want to make by meeting with Ryanna for 1 extended session, and leave with your customized plan of action plus relevant handouts. Receive a follow-up email with encouragement, tips, and 25 recipes personally chosen for you based on your food goals.

Maria round finalThanks to advice from our naturopath, and your help in implementing it, my son no longer takes any allergy or asthma medications. He has been symptom free for six months!”     – Maria R.

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My Story


For years I visited specialists and heard much of the same advice: take the purple pills, the allergy spray, Ritalin and anti-depressants, eat more fiber, use the skin cream, and stop being a hypochondriac. Five years ago I hit rock bottom.  Health-wise I was a mess, and I had been for so long that I thought it was normal. 

When my son was born he expressed many of my same symptoms and sensitivities. I lamented the life I saw before him and soon realized that I was grieving my own history of constant illness. At four years old I was nearly hospitalized for extreme constipation; I suffered from childhood stomach aches so bad that my mother once thought my appendix was bursting; my chronically inflamed tonsils were removed when I was a teenager; debilitating seasonal allergies haunted me, and an adulthood of low energy due to anemia was left untreated because I was told there was little that could be done. Just like there was little I could do about my acne, constant weight fluctuations, chest pain, heart flutters, heartburn, stomach ulcers, random vomiting episodes, and constant struggles with attention span and depression. It was pretty disheartening considering I wasn’t even 30 years old.

But something came alive inside of me as I stared down at my writhing, gassy, infant son. A part of me refused to keep living as the sum of my symptoms. I had to find a path to healing for both of us. 

Curiosity, persistence, and an unwillingness to accept our fate led me through an extensive investigation and I discovered that food could be the cause of, and solution to, all of our problems. I started with the bad stuff, unearthing research and case studies pointing to the ways that food can harm us.  

I dug deeper and I took more tests, this time with a more integrative practitioner. Among many revealing results, we found I had the markers for Celiac, an auto-immune disease. As I learned about auto-immunity and the effects it has on all of your body’s systems, not just the digestive tract, my entire life made sense. I began to see my body as a unit of integrated systems depending on, and working with, each other.  It may sound obvious, but this was an entirely new and shocking concept to me. 

I cut out gluten, and my body, my mind, and my entire life began to change. That was just the beginning! There were so many other foods damaging me, and fortunately, even more that are helping me heal. Everyday I take my love for food, my gift for cooking and my drive to live a meaningful & disease-free life, and choose to continue on this path. It has imbued my life with an incredible sense of purpose and meaning. 

I feel blessed to be able to coach, support and connect with people who are hungry for health. It is my joy to inspire and challenge my clients on their physical and emotional journey to tuning in, finding their purpose, and living it! 

My story is still being written, and so is yours. The road to healing can be long, winding, and life-altering. The emotional response to making changes with food is as challenging and complex as the physical one. Wherever you are at on your journey, I am eager to speak with you, hear your story, and help you along the way. 

Let’s write your next chapter together. 

Specialties: Kicking Sugar, Going Gluten-Free, Eating for Auto Immunity, Food Allergies & Intolerances, Gut Healing & Digestion, Cultivating a Love for Cooking, Simple & Delicious Recipes












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