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Large Group Talks

Let me bring information, encouragement, inspiration and lots of personality to your next event!

Starting price: $175, talks range from 45-90 minutes and include powerpoint presentation and/or visuals. Food demonstrations available as an add-on, contact me for more information!

Open For Large Group Talk Descriptions

Sugar 101: Sugar is addictive, anti-nutritive and in almost everything we eat. Hear about latest research regarding what sugar and artificial sweeteners do to the body, learn hidden sources of sugar (and its many aliases), and discover how to feed your sweet tooth with nourishing, real foods. This talk can be tailored to specific populations, ie: Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity.

Recommended demo: Nutrient Balanced Green Smoothie.

Foods That Heal: Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” This GRUB talk illustrates how to follow this adage by using traditional food preparation methods to heal your gastrointestinal tract, and why a healthy “gut” is important for the health of your brain, immune system, and entire body.

Recommended Demo: Water Kefir.

You Are What You Eat (101): A brief overview of the dangers of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives begins this talk that is focused on the benefits of a Real Foods lifestyle. I will discuss foods that encourage health, including green vegetables, natural sweeteners and traditional preparations of food, and how to make incremental changes to the “standard American diet”.

Recommended demo: Nutrient Balanced Green Smoothie.

Toxic Pantry: Get a tour of the 10 most dangerous chemicals lurking in common food packages. Learn their names, why they’ve been added to so many “treats”, and what the latest research is showing they’re doing to our bodies. This is a convincing introduction to stepping away from packaged foods, and eating Real Food. Includes visual examples and helpful chart for all participants.

Meal Planning and Building Skillet-Bowls: If you know your meals should be nourishing, but feel short on time and recipes, this is the talk for you. Hear about different strategies for planning a week’s worth of meals, simple tips for shopping, prepping, and planning, and learn why dinner’s best eaten out of a bowl! Each participant receives a blank menu planner and a handful of recipes to get started with.

Bring GRUB to You!

Real Food Series

This 4-part series of classes is focused on a Real Foods lifestyle shift by offering information, resources, strategies, and recipes to enable participants to transition toward nourishing habits. The series offers the added benefit of on-going accountability and support.

Entire Series starting price: $500 (add a cooking demo each week for additional cost)

Open For Series Info

Class #1: The Macronutrient Plate – You can’t enjoy living in your body if you’re not feeding it what it needs. Learn about the 3 macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins), what they do in the body, and how to balance your plate with nourishing foods.

Class #2: Sugar the Anti-Nutrient  Support your body’s journey by removing two of food’s most dangerous additives: refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Learn how they affect the body, where they are hidden, and how to replace them with natural sweeteners. Then use your macronutrient knowledge to make a nourishing green smoothie.

Class #3: Gut Health – You’ve cleaned out your plate and your pantry, now focus on supporting your digestive tract for optimal absorption of the nutrients you’re feeding it. Learn about the GI tract and how to ensure yours is at its healthy best by following the 4 Rs of Gut Health: Remove, Replace, Reinnoculate, Restore.

Class #4: Meal-Planning – You’ve got the knowledge, now learn some real-life tools to make Real Foods a daily part of your life as you journey forward. Learn time-saving strategies, bulk preparation, and building bowls for meals that nourish and sustain you without stress.

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Real Food Basics Classes

The gap between knowing what you want to do, and actually doing can be bridged with one small stepping stone.  Real Food Basics classes offer a starting point for the changes you’ve been thinking of making.  All Basics classes feature visual props, lists & recipes.

Open For Class Descriptions

Nourishing Pantry – Get the scoop on the foundation ingredients a Real Food pantry needs in order to build wholesome, nourishing meals. We talk about salts, sweeteners, oils, grains, and dried goods, as well as where to buy these amazing foods and how to store and use them. 

Dairy-Free Kitchen – Dairy-free can be delicious! In this class, hidden sources of dairy are revealed, and essentials for the dairy free kitchen are highlighted. We reveal ways to keep that creamy deliciousness in your life and dairy-free meals at your fingertips!

Gluten-Free Kitchen – Going without gluten isn’t hard once you get in the groove. Hidden sources of gluten are revealed, and essentials for the gluten-free kitchen are highlighted, including flours and grains. Revel in the bounty of naturally gluten free foods with tips, strategies, and recipes.

Naturally Sweet Pantry – You too can savor how delicious a life without processed sugar can be by creating a Naturally Sweet Pantry. We’ll discuss and debate some of our favorite natural sweeteners, and offer tips for buying and cooking with these fabulously sweet sweets!

Bring Kitchen Basics to You!



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