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Pantry Clean-Out

See your kitchen through new eyes with a personalized assessment of what’s taking up space in your pantry. Identify your goals and let me lead you through a compassionate clean-out of foods that are no longer serving you. Get ready for: encouragement, recipes, tools, and a roadmap for stocking your Real Food kitchen.


Purging my kitchen of unhealthy foods and then reorganizing was beyond anything I could have done on my own. Working with GRUB was an amazing experience for my whole family. – Julie W.

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Grocery Guidance

Everything’s more fun with a friend, even grocery shopping! Discover how you can enjoy it with this private class through the local grocery store of your choice, and get past the overwhelming choices of habitual and impulse buys. I’ll give you information, tools and lists so you have the confidence to enjoy this weekly task.


Ryanna spent time educating me about a more healthy lifestyle, then met me at the grocery store, helped me make good choices, and came home with me to teach me how to cook what we bought! My family is so glad that Ryanna became involved in our attempts to become healthy. They are actually eating and loving my cooking! – Julie W.

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liz cutting collard ribbonsCooking Tutorial

Enjoy a private session, or a mini party with a handful of friends, in this personalized, basic and hands-on approach to cooking. This work is designed to help move you towards more confidence in preparing nourishing foods intuitively and joyfully.


Thank you for another wonderful cooking session! I really enjoyed and benefited from our time together. For lunch today I enjoyed the tastiest, most flavorful meal I’ve made myself to date, I used the spices just the way you showed me and wasn’t afraid to turn the skillet heat up. The results were delicious! Thank you for being such a vital and exciting woman to work with, I believe your excitement about food, flavors and spices is absolutely contagious and something I’m delighted to be taking in!” ~ Barbara M.

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