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Roasted Beans & Broccoli

04 January

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Happy New Year!

We don’t love resolutions but we do love the shiny, new feeling of a brand new year {and planner!}, and we love the opportunity to take stock of what we were proud of in the past year and what we’d like more of in the new one.

Call us simple, but two words fit in both of those categories: green vegetables.

Green vegetables are what all of the hot, fad diets, our clients’ biggest needs, and our own bodies have in common. No matter what other foods work in your body, vegetables, especially the green ones, do bodies good.

But like we shared in our Skillet Bok Choy post, it gets tiring to think of new and different ways to get new and different vegetables into your belly. And when you’re trying for more than two vegetables per meal, the preparations need to be simple.

In this vein, we’ve discovered that roasting is an under-utilized cooking method. For most people it’s for big cuts of beef or potatoes, but let us assure you that green vegetables are perfect candidates for roasting as well.

In this recipe, you get two different green veggies in one baking pan {plus a few more optional ones for extra flavor}; they cook for the same amount of time, and the roasting brings out different aspects of each.

Here’s to keeping that shiny, new feeling all year long!

Liz & Rye

Roasted Beans & Broccoli

1 head of broccoli
½ lb green beans
2 Tb coconut oil
1 tsp sea salt
10 crimini mushrooms, stemmed
5 cloves of garlic, cut into chunks


1. Preheat your oven to 400F.
2. Chop the broccoli florets into bite-sized pieces. Trim away the outside of the broccoli stalk {and throw away}, and then chop up the stalk. Trim the beans and break into uniform-sized pieces.
3. Toss the broccoli and beans {and mushrooms and garlic, if using} into a rimmed baking sheet, sprinkle with sea salt, and add coconut oil {leave it in chunks if it’s cold and solid}.
4. Place the pan in the heated oven. If your coconut oil is solid, give it 5 minutes to melt, and then stir it to coat the vegetables.
5. In 15 minutes, stir the pan. Roast for 10 – 15 minutes longer, until broccoli stalks are tender, and florets are slightly charred.

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Liz Flint-Somerville, Nutritional Consultant

Liz was a partner in Grub for 3 amazing years and helped author many of our most beloved recipes and posts. She is now dedicating her time to caring for her family, writing poetry, and continuing to cook delicious Real Foods.

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