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Simplicity & Nourishment: Red Clover

18 June

red_cloverThis season seems to be about turbo-boosting personal growth, here at GRUB.  It seems that daily there’s been a reason to go deeper, sit with discomfort, and/or learn something new.

It’s exciting!  And totally scary and exhausting and awesome.

All of this introspection and subsequent movement is giving us ample opportunity to make broad, sweeping pronouncements about what is important in life, and two themes keep rising to the top:

 Simplicity and Nourishment

They both promote ease and well-being, and we’re choosing them as much as possible these days.

Before we go completely off the esoteric deep end, we’ll give you a real life, Real Food example:

Red Clover {Trifolium pratense} is a common, purple flower {dare we say “weed”?}, a favorite of cows and those of us with memories of grassy fields dotting our childhoods.  The flowers smell like honey and taste sweet.

It also happens to be one of our more nourishing and helpful herbal allies.

According to local herbalist, Kathryn Waple, Red Clover can:

  • Alkalize the body
  • Support detoxification by helping to purify the blood
  • Provide calcium & magnesium & other minerals
  • Promote sleep by soothing the nerves

Red Clover is a source of isoflavones, so it can support hormonal balance and glandular health in men and women, and is especially helpful in cases of low estrogen levels.

It may also help increase bile, which makes it useful for detoxifying, and may increase HDL cholesterol {the “good” one}, which can help lower LDL {the “bad” one}.

And Red Clover also contains a small amount of coumarins so some case studies show that it can reduce a risk of blood clots.  {Which means that if you’re taking anti-clotting medicine, Red Clover may make your blood too thin – as with all herbs and supplements, consult with your health care provider before making changes}.

Last but not least, for gardeners, Red Clover is a nitrogen fixer, so it’s a popular cover crop during the off-season.

But here’s the really good news: Red Clover makes a subtly sweet iced tea.

We’ve tried it a few ways, and wanted to share them with you because there’s no reason why your summer drinks can’t be simple, delicious AND provide you with nourishment!

To your health!

Liz & Ryanna

p.s.  We’ll make it even easier for you!  Stop by GRUB during our new Pop-In hours (Tuesdays, 5p-7p & Thursdays, 11a-1p) to buy a canning jar of dried Red Clover blossoms + infusion instructions!

First, make a Red Clover Infusion (a long-steeped tea) – this recipe can be halvedred_clover_jar resize
1 cup dried Red Clover flowers
4 cups {1 quart} water, boiling

or try: Red Clover & Mint Infusion – this recipe can be halved
1 cup dried Red Clover flowers
½ cup dried mint leaves
4 cups {1 quart} water, boiling

Put the dried Red Clover {and mint, if using} into a quart-sized canning jar {wide mouth is easiest}, and pour boiling water over them.

Cover and let sit for 4 hours {it can sit longer – we tried up to overnight – but it gets slightly bitter, in which case add some water when you’re drinking it, or use as-is with a generous squeeze of lemon, which will cut the bitter taste}.

Strain out plant parts, and enjoy, or use in the following recipes.  Keep unused tea in a sealed jar in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Long Life Tea
6 oz Red Clover Infusion
6 oz Water Kefir {tart flavors are best, we used Plum*, but lemon, lime or green apple would taste good too}

In a glass with ice, add equal parts Red Clover Infusion and Water Kefir.

*Tart Plum Water Kefir: at the start of your second ferment, add a quartered plum, including the skin, stone removed.  Ferment and decant as usual.

Summer Field Spritzer
8 oz Red Clover & Mint Infusion
4 oz sparkling water
1 wedge of lemon

In a glass with ice, combine ingredients.

Energizing Tea
8 oz Red Clover or Red Clover & Mint Infusion
4 oz brewed and chilled green tea {Jasmine is too floral, go for a
basic Green}
1 wedge of lemon

In a glass with ice, combine ingredients.

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