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GRUB on the News: Sugar Detox

05 August

There are lots of toxins surrounding us every day, in the air, the water, the soil, our houses, our cars, and it can feel overwhelming to think about it, like we’re being bombarded and there’s nothing we can do to protect ourselves.

But there is one substance we have complete control over, one ingredient that will reduce our bodies’ stress and help it deal better with a toxic load:

REFINED SUGAR {and artificial sweeteners}

Studies have found that sugar consumption leads to obesity, anxiety, even heart disease.  And refined sugar suppresses your immune system, so you’re more susceptible to sickness.

The good news in all of this is that once you cut out refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, your body will begin to detox naturally!

Don’t worry, we know this is easier said than done.


Sugar is considered one of the most addictive substances, and it’s added to just about everything we eat – especially when we’re eating processed and packaged foods.  If those sweet treats are the things that help you through your day, just deciding to “cut out sugar” isn’t gonna cut it.  If you know that “cold turkey” works for you {and by “works” we mean, leads you to true and lasting change}, then rock on with your awesome self!

But for the rest of us, here are


1. Become aware of where sugar is hiding, and how much of it you’re eating.

4 grams of added sugar is equal to 1 tsp.  For a little perspective, one can of a leading brand of soda has a little over 9 teaspoons of sugar.  And few people drink *only* a can these days.  If you want to go to the kitchen and scoop out 9 teaspoons of sugar to see how much it actually is, go for it, we’ll wait.

Gross, huh?

2. Start small. Take 1 first step by finding 3 foods that you eat regularly and that are high in added sugar {or artificial sweeteners}, and clean them out of your house, your car, your desk at work.  Sodas and beverages with added sugar {I’m talking to you, sports drinks and some bottled waters – seriously, check out those labels!}, are a great place to start.

3. Find naturally sweet treats.  It’s important to enjoy yourself when you’re eating, and not feel like you’re depriving yourself.  Using natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and stevia can help.  Check out Chocolate Chia Puddingand Raw Date Truffles to get you started.

You can give your body extra support to deal with the toxins around you by removing refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, and experience the added benefits of weight loss, less sickness, natural energy and more!

Now, share your wisdom!  Have you already taken out or greatly reduced your refined sugar and artificial sweetener intake?  Which product surprised you with its sugar content?   What helped you kick the habit?



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Liz Flint-Somerville, Nutritional Consultant

Liz was a partner in Grub for 3 amazing years and helped author many of our most beloved recipes and posts. She is now dedicating her time to caring for her family, writing poetry, and continuing to cook delicious Real Foods.

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5 Responses to “GRUB on the News: Sugar Detox”

  1. Amanda Allegra August 7, 2014 at 5:39 pm #

    “Quitting sugar is hard, but you’re awesome.” I think YOU both are awesome! What a great clip, it is important information for our huge sugar consuming society. Education really is the first step, and GRUB is doing a great job putting it out there.

    • Liz Flint-Somerville August 7, 2014 at 6:16 pm #

      Thank you, Amanda! You’re pretty awesome yourself!

      • Nancy Flint August 8, 2014 at 1:40 am #

        From a former “sugar-holic”, it is indeed hard to cut it out of the diet but what great rewards! Thank you Grub for the facts about the dangers of refined sugar and for good, healthy alternatives! There is life after sugar!!!

        • Liz Flint-Somerville August 11, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

          Yay and congratulations on kicking your addiction!! And, you’re right, there is so much life after sugar – especially when your palate re-calibrates itself and you start being more sensitive to the flavors of things beyond SWEET.


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